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Who is NV and Why LENS ?

                                THE GOAL

NV Lens stands for Nelson Vargas Lens/Photography. I’m doing photography for my life and passion. My approach to photography is a mix of modern and traditional techniques, preferring the natural aspects behind the journalistic scenes, in a very fun, unobtrusive and creative style.

The main goal of NV Lens is to ensure that emotions and special details are perfectly captured forever, and clearly recall the story of my client’s event. The captured photos will surely provide out client’s good memories to share with their friends, family and many future generations.

If you are seeking for much more than the ordinary photographs, allow us to record your passion and energy of your experience. It would be a great honor for me to document the special event of your life and capture memories that last a lifetime……..


Photography is used by many people in order to preserve memories of their favorite times, to capture the special moments, to send messages, to tell many stories, and great source of entertainment as well. Even mobile phones nowadays contain cameras in order to facilitate such kind of use.

Photography revolves around light, and as a photographer, I constantly think about the light when I took photographs of the scene. Light can dominate our thought during the process of photography, and continues to be an element that defines the conversion of your RAW captures into a real digital image.

I consider photography as an art and I have been doing photography for over 20 years. With the skillful use of my hands along with my very powerful lens, my photography can bring out the personality of my subjects and create magical memories through pictures which might not be achieved ordinarily through the other means of expressing oneself.


Photography is a very creative endeavor.Photography is a confluence of memory, observation, and chance. This is an intuitive and emotional process that drives the life force within and around us which is necessary to any people who consider photography not as a hobby, but passion.

Now, in doing photography, I am able to remove the pressure involved in my work in order to capture every view and angle of a location and create much better results. Photography is not an art to be considered as an oil and paint, but rather an original work of art.


At the age of 19, I have started working in the field of photography in a darkroom, printing professional photos. I have studied and majored in photography and was able to assist renown fashion photographer Jean-marie guyaux for many years. With these work experiences, I was able to gain the most important things and factors to be considered as a photographer.

Now, for more than 20 years, I have been doing  commercial photography. With so much experience in the field, I am able to meet all the needs and satisfaction of my clients, which drives me more to make it better and better on each passing day. 

Photography is already my life and passion that’s why I strive to give my best in doing my entire photography project. I find it very fruitful to see my clients smile whenever they have recalled their precious memories through my work and photography. 

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